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Tsinghua Bao year-end summary welcome new year meeting

Release time:2018-03-12 

In the past year, all employees of the company have fully carried forward the enterprise spirit of "loyalty, unity, realism and innovation". Under the correct leadership of the factory leaders and the joint efforts of all employees of the company, our employees have better completed the work tasks and annual profit indicators of this year and achieved fruitful results.

It is not easy for an enterprise to be recognized as an enterprise by the public. It needs a large-scale, strong operation system and strong strength. In order to make the enterprise operate smoothly, we must treat the advantages and disadvantages of the enterprise objectively and fairly. What we can do is to analyze and summarize the work done in the past year. Only in this way can an enterprise face up to its achievements and not be proud of its past glory or frustrated by its past regrets. Instead, with a positive attitude, find deficiencies from success, find the root from failure and improve it. In this way, an enterprise can achieve stable operation, which must be the most important way for an enterprise to survive.








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