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Warm congratulations on the perfect conclusion of Wuhan Convention and exhibition

Release time:2017-03-29 

Warm congratulations on the perfect conclusion of Wuhan Convention and exhibition. Wuhan Convention and exhibition is a good platform for people around the world to understand solar energy. Our company participated in this Convention and exhibition with the attitude of integrity, win-win and active participation. At the exhibition, many people are asking about the future development direction of solar energy. As a kind of natural energy, solar energy will not harm the natural environment and human environment. It is an excellent green resource and the key development direction in the future. Our company has reached a consensus with many manufacturers and signed 10024 sets. Tsinghua Bao solar energy has been slowly integrated into people's life, and solar energy has been gradually adopted. I wish qinghuabao energy can go further and further, and I also wish the life of the people all over the country better and better.

With Tsinghua treasure, there will be no trouble for life!!!

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