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Outdoor publicity activities for new product photovoltaic solar power generation to the countryside

Release time:2018-04-03 

On March 31, under the leadership of the chairman of the board of directors, all employees of our company came to the foot of Fenghuang mountain where peony flowers were in full bloom to hold outdoor publicity activities for the countryside of new product photovoltaic solar power generation, and achieved satisfactory results.

Phoenix Mountain in spring is full of flowers, and the air is filled with the lingering fragrance of peony flowers. Coupled with the beautiful natural scenery, it is really refreshing.

On the day of the event, under the leadership of the chairman and general manager, the staff were busy in an orderly manner. The dancers on the stage and the audience under the auspices and rendering of the host actively interacted, adding a touch of spring prosperity to the foot of the beautiful Phoenix Mountain······





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