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Common sense of solar energy use

Release time:2017-05-24 

◆ I. no water

1. The water in the water tank has been emptied and can be used after it is filled with water and heated.

2. If the pipeline interface falls off or is blocked, reconnect or dredge the pipeline.

3 in winter, the upper and lower water pipes may freeze. About three hours after the sun comes out, it melts on its own. In cold areas, vent valves can also be installed.

4. The water supply and drainage valve leaks, the water supply valve also leaks, and the tap water pipe has no water for a long time, resulting in water backflow.

5. The nozzle valve or hot water nozzle fails and is not actually opened.

◆ II. No water supply or overflow pipe

1. The water supply is cut off or the water pressure is too low.

2. The pipeline interface falls off or is damaged.

3. The valve fails to open.

4. If there is an overflow pipe, it may be that the overflow pipe falls off, there is no water overflow back, and it feels that there is no water supply.

5. The vacuum tube is damaged.

◆ III. low water temperature

1. The newly installed water heater has insufficient sunshine time. After the second sunny day.

2. The upper and lower water valves are broken or not tightened. Cold water continuously enters the water tank and ejects hot water.

3. If the sunshine is not good or the solar radiation energy in winter is insufficient, one more sunny day shall be exposed.

4. The upper and lower water pipes are not insulated. In winter, the ambient temperature is too low and the heat dissipation is serious, so they can be insulated.

5. The vacuum tube leaks and the heat dissipates quickly.

6 there is a cover on the vacuum tube or the daylighting is not good.

◆ IV. the water temperature changes from cold to hot

1. The pressure of tap water is higher than that of hot water. First turn on a small amount of cold water, then turn on hot water, and then fine tune the flow of cold water.

2. If the pressure of tap water fluctuates, do not open another tap water valve during bathing.

◆ v. the water temperature is too high to be adjusted

Tap water pressure is too low. Take a bath when the water pressure is high, or drain water into the bathtub for cooling before taking a bath.

◆ VI. when the water supply valve is opened, the outer wall of the tap water pipe is hot

The water pressure is too low, the one-way valve is broken, and the hot water returns. Make up water when the water pressure is high.

◆ VII. The water from the nozzle is not large

1. The water pressure of the water pipe is too low, and the pressure difference between the water tank and the nozzle of the water heater is very small, so the pressure after mixing water is small.

2. If the nozzle holes are small and few, or some impurities are blocked, replace the nozzle with a large amount of water spray or clean the nozzle.

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