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Our company participated in Wuhan solar energy exhibition

Release time:2017-02-17 

The 14th China International (Wuhan) solar energy heat utilization Products Expo and the 12th China (Wuhan) heat pump / wall mounted boiler / water purification and HVAC products exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "China International Pacific Expo") known as the Olympic Games reputation of China's solar energy heat utilization industry will visit Wuhan again from March 4 to 6, It was grandly held in Wuhan New International Expo Center (No. 619 parrot Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan). China is the largest country in the production and application of solar thermal products. China International Pacific Expo has become an authoritative platform for technical exchange and achievement display of solar thermal, photovoltaic and related industries, and has been recognized and praised by all walks of life.

It is reported that the Expo is jointly sponsored by three authoritative institutions: China solar energy heat utilization industry alliance, solar energy heat utilization Professional Committee of China Rural Energy Industry Association and solar energy professional committee of China Energy Conservation Association. It has been won by the national solar water heater quality supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing), national solar water heater product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Wuhan) Strong support from national solar water heater quality supervision and Inspection Center (Kunming), national energy-saving product quality supervision and inspection center, solar building application professional committee of Hubei civil architecture society, Hubei solar energy industry association and other units. China's building energy consumption accounts for about 35% of the total national energy consumption. In order to improve the application proportion of new energy in buildings, more than 100 provincial and municipal construction departments have successively issued incentive policies for the combination of solar hot water system and buildings. Hubei Province issued the notice on strengthening the promotion, application and management of solar hot water system as early as 2009; Wuhan also issued the notice on Further Strengthening the scale and management of renewable energy buildings in 2013. After 3 ~ 7 years of implementation, Hubei has gradually formed a large application province of the combination of solar hot water system and buildings, and achieved good results. The Expo, held in Wuhan, will bring the latest technological achievements in the field of solar energy, light and heat to Hubei and surrounding provinces, and provide the latest cases and technical support for energy conservation and emission reduction in urban and heat utilization related fields.

During the 13th Five Year Plan period, with the accelerated pace of energy reform, new energy gradually stepped onto the historical stage. Today, with the coexistence of new opportunities and challenges, accelerating the reform of supply side structure, strengthening the innovation and upgrading of clean energy, and changing the mode of energy utilization have become the main melody of governments and industries at all levels to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and practice the energy revolution.

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