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Chu Guoding, Secretary of the Party committee of Tongling University, visited our company

Release time:2015-08-19 

On the morning of October 22, Chu Guoding, Secretary of the Party committee of Tongling University, visited our company.

Our company is the practical teaching base of students' Ideological and political education of Tongling University. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in solar water heaters and other solar energy utilization products. The company is the technical production base of Beijing qingdaren Solar Energy Research Institute, with 50000 professional solar energy production lines.

Chu Guoding and his party visited the company's production workshop and production process, and had extensive exchanges with Cha Zhengyou, general manager of the company, on further strengthening school enterprise cooperation, doing well in college students' practical teaching and the development of private enterprises. Chu Guoding expressed his heartfelt thanks to our company for providing teaching support and building a practice platform for the ideological and political teaching of Tongling University. He stressed that the base is not only a favorable platform for teachers to carry out active teaching mode and practical teaching interactive education concept, but also can effectively connect teaching theory with social practice and fully integrate the ideological and political education of college students into teaching practice. At the same time, it will also broaden students' vision, increase their ability, provide a practical platform, and lay a good foundation for future employment.

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