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Solar hot water engineering


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Solar hot water engineering
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Characteristics of concentrated solar energy system

◆ the centralized solar hot water system, also known as the central water supply system, connects the solar collectors in series (parallel), uses forced circulation to exchange heat between the collector and the water storage tank, and uses one or more large water storage tanks to store hot water, and then supplies it to users respectively

◆ the heat collectors are installed in a centralized manner and are neat and uniform, which is conducive to the integrated design of buildings

◆ the heat collector is centrally placed on the roof, which is not affected by the floor height and floor spacing. The daylighting is good, and the low floor users - Sample hot water

◆ when the sunlight is insufficient, the auxiliary heating or air source heat pump can be automatically started and powered off according to the set water temperature to save energy to the greatest extent

◆ intelligent control, no need to be on duty, automatic operation, scientific design, easy to realize heat balance, uniform water volume and full-time supply

◆ the solar collector can be used to construct a large-scale hot water system with a daylighting area of thousands of square meters and an operating temperature of 45-100 ° C, so as to meet the heat (water) needs of large-scale living facilities and industrial production. Suitable for hotels, hospitals, schools and other places


Operation principle of concentrated solar energy system

In this system, the concentrator is placed collectively, and a large heat storage tank with the capacity to meet the needs of users is set. The control system, circulating device and other auxiliary equipment are placed in the equipment room or on the roof. When the temperature of the centrally placed heat collector rises under the irradiation of the sun, the system control device controls the start of the system circulation device to push the low-temperature water at the bottom of the heat storage tank into the heat collector, and the high-temperature hot water peak in the heat collector into the heat storage tank. Through reciprocating circulation, the water in the heat storage tank is heated. The hot water shall be supplied by falling water or forced water, which can realize the functions of regular water supply and constant temperature water supply. The solar energy system is combined with conventional energy (electricity or gas, etc.) to realize all-weather hot water supply.


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