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Balcony wall mounted flat panel solar energy


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Balcony wall mounted flat panel solar energy
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Characteristics of flat wall mounted solar system

◆ the collector is separated from the water tank, which is easy to be combined with the architectural appearance

◆ the collector can be installed on the building facade to solve the problem of insufficient solar energy installation area on the roof of high-rise buildings

◆ the heat collector can be installed on the roof of various buildings, which is convenient to combine with the beauty of the building

◆ the collector is made of advanced science and technology, with fast hot start and high efficiency, so as to eliminate the risk of water leakage

◆ the enamel liner of the hot water storage tank is a pressure bearing water tank, with hygienic water quality, high pressure bearing capacity, corrosion resistance and long service life

◆ auxiliary accessories are international high-quality products with reliable quality

◆ the system operates under double pressure and operates stably,

◆ intelligent control system, high comfort

◆ the system capacity can meet the needs of different users

◆ each household has a set of independent system, which can be used whenever the user lives, which is convenient for later property management and maintenance

Operation principle of flat wall solar energy

In this system, the structure of heat collector and heat storage tank is separated, and the installation position of heat collector and heat storage tank is flexibly placed according to needs. Heat exchange device and electric auxiliary heating device are built in the heat storage tank. When the collector is exposed to the sun and the temperature rises, the system control device controls the cycle start of the system. The heat medium circulates forcibly or naturally between the collector and the heat exchange device in the heat storage tank. The heat medium exchanges heat with the water in the heat storage tank through the heat exchange device to heat the water in the heat storage tank. The hot water supply adopts top water supply, which ensures that the cold and hot water supply has the same source and equal pressure, and the use is convenient and comfortable. The solar energy system is combined with conventional energy (electricity) to realize all-weather hot water supply.


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